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If you are in sales, you understand that most of your time is being spent trying to search for clients, getting in touch with decision makers and convincing them that they need help. When you add up all the hours you spend trying to find clients, you may realize, that you could use that valuable time to upsell current customers or sell to customers that are interested in buying.

Target your market
Identify problem areas
Personalize communication
Offer a solution

With our lead generation services, you will have more time to focus on other areas of your business. We can find leads online within a specific geographical area and specify the criteria of the business you want to target.

lead-generationOur lead generation services are personalized and unique. When combined with our mass email capabilities, along with customized well-written templates, our services become a powerful tool that allow you to reach out to hundreds of customers in your market.

Track each email campaign by witnessing opened emails, bounce rate and which templates are producing the most sales. One advantage of keeping track of opened emails is that you can then engage with your audience as soon as the email is opened. This allows you to sell yourself while the decision maker is thinking about what you have to offer. Furthermore, with our lead generation service, you can print dozens of custom mailers in minutes or combine the service with custom email templates. You will have the advantage of easily being able to reach out to hundreds of pre-screened businesses at once.

leads-onlineGet ahead of your competitors by getting a local client list that meets your ideal customer criteria. Spend less time looking for leads and more time selling!

Within minutes, our software will sift thorough millions of companies and provide you with personal information that was previously hidden over different webpages. Your calls or outbound emails will automatically take advantage of specific details or problem areas, for each business you are targeting. A cold call suddenly turns into a warmer call when you already know intricate details about someone’s organization.

Our list of online leads will save you time!

Our team is sincere about building long-term relationships. When you spend less time doing research, you will have more time to close sales.

 To generate a custom list of quality leads for your business or to learn more about our range of marketing services please give us a call at (386) 478-4668.



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