Web Development

At Local Web Marketing Service, we are dedicated to creating professional engaging websites.

  • email-blastDomain name analysis and acquisition.
  •  Website content creation.
  • Customized website design based on your specifications.
  • Website designs those are easier to navigate.
  • We add multimedia to enhance impact.
  • We integrate social media into our designs.
  •  Our eye-catching websites entice users to take action.
  • Your branding and professionalism comes through in our designs.
  • Our interactive websites keep your customers coming back.
  • Optimized websites that increase visibility, based on the most profitable keywords/phrases for your business.
  • Easy to use interface to ensure a good experience.
  • User-friendly websites that avoid confusion.
  • Mobile friendly sites for your business.

More Than A Web Development Company

We are not only a website development company; we are marketing experts and understand there is little value to traffic, if your visitors are not becoming customers. We funnel users in a way that increases conversions, based on functionality and ease-of-use.

We take great pride in the quality of our work. Choose a team of experts with a proven track record. We are a market leader, who’s objective is to increase ROI and provide measurable results. A well designed website, is one that is engineered to get your visitors to become customers.


If you are looking for a web development company that takes into account profitability and ROI, give us a call at (386) 478-4668.




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