Professional Competitive Analysis

screen-09Predict Where Your Competitors May Outrank You

Learn how visible your competitors’ sites are to develop your own promotional strategy. Compare their rankings to yours and understand what keywords and pages need your immediate attention.

Compare Your Link Profile to Your Competitors

See how well your website is doing compared to your competitors using the most important off-page metrics like the number and the quality of total backlinks.

Estimate How Many Prospects Your Competitors Get

Get numbers that show you unique visitors and Alexa Global Traffic Rank History on your site and competing sites for the last 12 months. You can estimate how many prospects your competitors may get by analyzing these numbers.


What You Get with the Website Audit Software
Competitor Metrics Reports


Competitive Analysis Roadmap:

Use our Competitive Analysis Checklist to learn what key competitor metrics you should analyze on a regular basis to improve your site’s performance.

Competitor Metrics Widgets:

5 informative widgets to evaluate at a glance how successful your business is against your competition.

Rankings for Competitors:

Get a full ranking report to compare your visibility to the visibility of your competitors.

370+ Global and Local Search Engines:

* Easily check how your competitors rank on local search engines or any other search engine your prospects may use. Quantity of search engines based on your subscription plan.

Competitor Backlink Profiles:

Check the quality of your competitors’ off-page optimization and compare the key metrics to yours.

Unique Visitors:

Find out how many unique visitors your competitors have.

Alexa Global Traffic Rank History:

See how the traffic rank changed for the last 12 month for you and your competitors.

Competitor Social Citations:

Check the social citations of your home page and those of your competitors.






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