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Website analytics allow you to base your decisions on hard facts. When you advertise through a flyer or newspaper, you have no way of knowing who read your ad and who took action. Fortunately, with online marketing and through website analysis, you can base your decision on hard data. We can examine who is finding you and where your sales are coming from!
Our website analysis techniques, enable us to observe the source of traffic to your website and isolate which visitors are converting into sales.

We can geo-target where your customers where at the time they searched for you and even playback mouse movements through Heat Map Analysis.

Our web analytics tools help us pinpoint which keywords or phrases have the highest ROI and where your sales are coming from:


We know where the traffic and customers are by city.


We can determine where your business revenue is coming from.


Your business spends time and effort getting traffic to your website. If those people ultimately do not become customers, then your marketing endeavors were pointless.

Our use of web analytics tools helps us determine what happens when people arrive at your site. We painstakingly analyze the usability of your website and the ability to convert users into loyal customers. This in turn, allows us to provide recommendations to increase website conversion rates.

A few things we evaluate through website analysis are:

  • Daily and monthly search volume.
  • Traffic sources that convert to sales.
  • Cost Per Visitor.
  • Cost Per Conversion.
  • Keywords/phrases that are most valuable to your business.
  • Focal points of improvement, to channel people to perform the action you want.
  • Social media effects.
  • Traffic spikes.
  • We can analyze visitor behavior through Heat Map Software.
  • Identify were you are losing potential conversions.
  • Ability to engage with customers in real time, to solve webpage navigation problem areas and increase ROI.

We will provide you with a monthly report and review it one-on-one, to propose a strategy that is in line with your business goals.

Website analytics is imperative to keep track of where your revenue is coming from and reveal opportunities to maximize ROI.

If you are not using website analytics, you are missing out on information that will lead to sales. We help your business achieve stronger results that in turn, generate greater profitability.

To find out how our web analytics tools can help your business maximize sales, please give us a call at (386) 478-4668.




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