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What We Offer:

  • Optimized press releases written based on your key words and business, that can help you increase your rankings in search engine results. Getting exposure is great, however, quality traffic that will convert is more valuable. We target the keywords your audience is searching for. We improve search visibility and include hyperlinks in the content; pointing customers searching for your product or service, back to your site.
  • Your company will be able to review our press release, before it is published to make any revisions. All of our writers are native English speakers with a college degree.
  • Ability to schedule your press release to be published at a predetermined date and time. Based on market research, we know the best times to extract the highest return from each and every press release that is submitted for distribution.
  • Newsworthy relevant content. In order for a press release to be successful, it must be newsworthy. We develop a news angle, so that the media networks can see the value and in turn, create more exposure for your company.
  • We will write a properly formatted press release with an engaging headline. A well-written headline is extremely important and will encourage sharing of your press release and capture your audience, to continue reading. In addition, a strong headline will further influence search engines, which will can help to achieve higher rankings in search results.
  • Ability to change authors. By having the ability to change press release authors, it can further help develop you as an authority on your specific subject. Being an authority, will allow you to gain the trust and confidence of the readers. Your customers will speak highly of you and recommend you to others.
  • press-release-servicesOur eye-catching press releases will create engagement. We make sure we set your business apart from the competition. We format and write our releases in a way that your audience will be interested in you and what your business is all about.
  • Our press release services integrate social media buttons.  Social media buttons will make it easier for readers to share the content with a larger audience. Your business will have greater exposure to the millions of people on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites as a result of this viral component.
  • We make sure that your business is presented in a professional manner.  We are careful to represent your company in a way that would please you and your clients.
  • We engage the reader from the very title. Our titles are enticing and interesting to capture your audience to keep reading.
  • Our press release distribution services provide you with analytics. We create a detailed view of your press release’s performance. We are able to determine what dates it got the most page views and where the page views came from. In addition, we can determine the level of social engagement on social media sites. We have the ability to see the number of downloads of each press release and how many people forwarded it to someone else.  Also, we can analyze the number of clicks and the source of those clicks, to gather a picture of what readers liked.
  • Industry specific press release distribution service. Because not every industry has the same audience, your press release will appear on sites that are more relevant to your industry and customers.
  • Geo-targeted press releases that will also be targeted to media outlets such as local newspapers radio and television stations.  i.e. if your business is located in Atlanta, GA we can target your press release, so that it will have more exposure in your local area, where your customers are located.
  • Our press release services include full text syndication with tracked page views. Most services will offer a summary and syndication of your headline. With our service, your press release will appear on media sites, third-party websites and blogs in full form, with all the links to your website. This will allow the links back to your site to get more visibility online, which in turn can lead to more customers.  We will also be able to track page views; to identify which media outlets are the most successful for you.
  • Ability to include multimedia videos and images on an iFrame. There is a section of real estate that is made available specifically for our use. We can monopolize that real estate to get people to opt-in, place your business video, picture or logo and create engagement into your website. This is an advertising space that is offered on each press release. Studies show, that people spend more time reading press releases, which contain some form of multimedia.
  • Our customer service is second to none. In fact, we have maintained 99 % customer retention rate during the past 11 years. We cover online apparel, e-commerce, home improvement, pool services, roofing contractors, cosmetic companies, surgeons, dentists, attorneys, beauty salons, tourism industry, financial services, collectors, carpet cleaning companies and more. We are a full online marketing company, that understands how each piece of the puzzle, collectively generates a synergy; that creates greater value for you.


How It Works:

You have the ability to schedule a press release via a short telephone call with one of our press release writers.

Since our team is aware that you know the topic best, we welcome your engagement, or you can choose the level of oversight you would like to provide.

Our press releases services will improve engagement and build up your brand, which in turn, will draw media attention and awareness to your product or service.

Imagine your customers saying good things about your product or service and then envision it going viral to millions of people on the Internet. Press releases increase exposure, rankings and traffic to your business.  Hire a team of professionals with a proven track record!  A press release is inexpensive, compared to the thousands of dollars you would spend on a public relations campaign.

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Our team offers professional press release writing and distribution services.
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