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We offer website hosting services with dedicated I.P. Address and SSL Certificates.

Benefits of a dedicated IP Address:

When many websites pull from one IP address, the loading speed is decreased. If you share an IP address with a high traffic website, it could slow your site down slightly, possibly impacting your Google ranking position due to speed, at which your website loads.


With a dedicated IP address, you don’t have to worry about the activities of other websites that are using a shared IP address. If a website on the same server that your website is on, does something against Google policy, you won’t be at risk of being blocked or flagged as malware or spam i.e. guilty by association.

With a dedicated IP address you eliminate the above risk.

Google has a tendency of liking dedicated & unique IPs; therefore, it can play a role in your search engine rankings.

Benefits of having an SSL certificate:

dedicated-server-hostingGoogle looks favorably upon websites that take active measures to protect visitors regarding any data they provide i.e. form submission, collecting names, addresses and payment information. Therefore, an SSL Certificate may help with your website rankings.

If you plan on having an e-commerce site where you collect payments online, it’s highly recommended that you have an SSL certificate. This would prevent your customers from having their private data at risk.

An SSL certificate protects from identity theft and hackers. It encrypts the information such as credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, so that only the server receiving the data will be able to read it.

Different browsers have different ways of signifying that you are using an SSL certificate. Sometimes, you will see a lock on the address bar or a specific color. An SSL certificate lets your customers and search engines know, that you are a trusted site and their information is secure.

Most ecommerce websites are required to be PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, which involves having an SSL certificate to process secure credit card transactions. By not having an SSL certificate and collecting personal payment information, you could have your ability to process payment transactions revoked, in addition to incurring significant liabilities.

Local Web Marketing Service is an authorized reseller of SSL Certificates, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced certificates available. We can provide you with an SSL Certificate to match your budget.


Local Web Marketing Service has the flexibility to adjust your hosting requirements to match your individual website growth. We have the ability to change the quantity of FTP accounts, bandwidth, storage limits and number of email hosting accounts. In addition, our team is able to change IP addresses with just a phone call.
We provide hosting in a Linux environment in a secure data center. We have remote offsite backups, to protect your data in case of a fire or a natural disaster.


For more information on the best web hosting for your website, on a dedicated IP address or about acquiring an SSL certificate, please give us a call at (386) 478-4668.


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