Rank Checker for SEO

A Lightning-Fast Rank Checker for SEO Professionals and Site Owners

screen-09* 370+ Search Engines to Track

Automate website rank checks on more than 370 global and local search engines.         * Quantity of search engines based on subscription plan.

Ranking Data Localized by Country/City

Get accurate ranking data localized by your area (important when you target local markets).

Organic and Blended Results Tracking

Track Mobile & Desktop Organic Results, paid ads and vertical results, News, Videos, Images, Maps and more.

Beautiful PDF Reports Custome Branded with Logos

Provide professional-looking PDF reports for yourself or your customers.


What You Get with Website Audit Software Rank Checker

* 370+ Global & Local Search Engines:

Check your keyword rankings on more than 370 global and local search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Goo, Voila, Seznam, Rediff, and more.          * Based on your subscription plan.

* Organic, Paid and Vertical Results Tracking:

See how your site is ranked on mobile (new!) and desktop devices in organic results, paid search ads and vertical results (Images, Videos, News, Places or Shopping). Add your social media profile URLs to see if they rank for specific keywords.  * Based on your subscription plan.

Laser-Sharp Localization of Your Ranking Data:

In order to see your site rankings exactly the same way your local visitors do, make sure to set your location (country, city) in your Rank Checker settings.

Competitor Ranking Analysis:

See if your competitors are ranked well for the keywords that you target; track your and your competitors progress over time.

* Automated Quarterly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily Rank Checks:

Automate your rank checks with Website Audit Software: have them monitored quarterly, monthly or weekly (with a Silver, Gold or Platinum Plan) or even daily (Professional Subscription).  * Based on your subscription plan.

Dashboard Covering All Ranking Data Trends:

The Rank Tracker Dashboard will give you a bird’s-eye-view of the data collected on your ranking performance over time; see widgets with Your Average Ranking Positions vs. Competitors, Ranking Distribution data, Ranking Position Changes and more.

Integration with the Keyword Suggestion Tool:

If you have previously analyzed keywords with Website Audit Software’s Keyword Tool, you’ll be able to filter them by tags and use them in Rank Checker to monitor your search engine positions.

Professional PDF Reports:

Brand your ranking reports with your or your customers logo and corporate colors; provide them to your customers on a schedule.








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