Call Analytics And Tracking

By utilizing call tracking numbers on all your different marketing channels, we will be able to outline which medium is producing the highest volume of traffic and identify what is working.


We have the ability to assign a different phone numbers to every marketing campaign, so that we can identify which marketing techniques are producing the highest sales. In addition, we can forward each call tracking phone number to any phone number of your choice and record and time each call. Your team can decide the basic amount of time that would be considered a conversion and track the results.

With Call Analytics, you will be able to pinpoint where your marketing efforts are getting the highest ROI. We are on your side and have tools to track each marketing promotion separately, so that you can determine where your resources will be best spent. Call tracking is also ideal when used with display advertising.

Call tracking numbers help identify where your leads are coming from. To learn more about using call tracking phone numbers for your business, please give us a call at Local Web Marketing Service (386) 478-4668.


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