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In January 2013, Facebook announced it had 1.06 billion monthly users! If you are not using Facebook marketing, you are missing out and losing customers to your competitors.

You might say, “well I don’t know how to use Facebook” or “I don’t have a website”. No problem. We are here to help you succeed. With our viral Facebook promotions, we do all the work and you do not need a website.

facebook-adsWhen we create a Facebook coupon for your business, we use advanced targeting to display your offer to a certain demographic. For example, if your target audience is women around 30 that are currently engaged, then your Facebook promotion would appear to those individuals. By laser targeting which viewers see your offer, you will have a higher chance of getting in front of the right people and selling your product or service.

Your coupons can be displayed to Facebook members in a predefined geographical area, based on your business location.

 Most Facebook users trust their fans when they recommend a product or service. Soon the coupon becomes viral from one customer to another. When customers click on the coupon, they will be taken to your webpage to redeem the offer. However, if your business does not have a website, you can still take full advantage of the service.

 You might be thinking how is this different than Groupon?

 Well, unlike Groupon, we do not take 50% of the proceeds from your sales. With Local Web Marketing Service, you can generate as many coupon offers per month as you desire, for a fraction of one Groupon voucher.

 Unlike print advertising, Facebook’s coupon revenue can be measured. We have the ability to pinpoint where your sales are coming from and therefore give you an idea of what your customers are more responsive to.

 Facebook Coupons provide flexibility. Unlike printed offers, you can modify coupons in a moment’s notice! Maybe you are offering a service and you are getting too busy, so you would like to stop displaying coupons for a few days. Perhaps your competitor next door recently offered a better deal and you want to change the terms of your discount. We are here to see you achieve your goals and we understand the need to make quick decisions.

 Coupons help create a sense of urgency. Whether you use the coupons during a holiday or special event, customers view offers as an opportunity to save money and they are more likely to take action.

 Facebook coupons are a great way to increase revenue for a seasonal business. During slow times, we can simply generate a Facebook coupon and put an end to the discount, once your business picks up.

Facebook marketing promotions increase visibility and reach. Facebook promotions will help your business grow and give your brand or product viral exposure.
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Coupon campaigns have a large reach and the number of Internet and phone users keeps growing rapidly.

 To learn more about how Facebook Coupons can benefit your business or learn about our other services, please give us a call (386) 478-4668.


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