Add On Examples



Animated Image Slider

Get an animated image slider at the top of your Website’s Home page.
Perfect to showcase services or promotions.
You can even link each image in the slider to an inner page of your choice. Images provided by the customer.



Photo Gallery


If you want to show your work, your products or services, a Photo Gallery is the way to go! Your photo gallery can have up to 6 photos on one row or two rows of 6 images each for a total of 12 images. Presell customers before they call! Images provided by the customer
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Brands / Logos Box


Letting visitors know that you work with reputable brands builds trust! Add a full width box to your website to display up to 12 different logos. Let your customers know that you work with top brands.
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Google Maps Module (On Footer & Contact Us Page)


Make it easy for your customers to find you! Add a Google Map to provide driving directions to your customers (both on their desktop or smartphone) or display the Service Area that you cover.
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Weather Information (On Footer)


If you want to show the Local Weather in the footer of your site, this Add On is perfect for you. You can even have a 5 day Local Weather Forecast, and plan your service schedule accordingly.
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Market News (RSS Feed) (On Footer)


You can select from a wide array of News sources, and present the latest industry news on the Footer of your site. The market news will automatically update daily, and keep you customer informed and updated.
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